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Clarity for Pricing Confidence

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    Ixchel Alcantara

    Fractional CFO & Business Consultant

    Nice to meet you...

    My name is Ixchel (E-shell). I create aligned flow for change-making small business owners who seek to harness the power of purpose and profits.

    My clients have referred to me as a phenomenal ally, motivator, and co-leader who can see things coming a mile away.

    If you're here - chances are you're seeking to grow a business that's in alignment with your life & business goals. And I'm here to help you do so with intentionally aligned financial & business strategies.

    What consultants and coaches (like you) will learn from downloading Clarity for Pricing Confidence...

    • How to set boundaries for alignment, financial stability, and repeat business.

    • How to identify the true costs of delivering your top-notch service.

    • How to price your services - without questioning your worth.